The Villa Camillus

- a serene world where life is rich, age is beautiful, and the individual has dignity  
- a unique nursing center where the feeling is of home and the people are like familyOrchid
- where nursing care is as it should be

A Warm Intimate Feeling

You'll find us in a wooded rural area, like a country Tudor estate, away from orange skies and screeching neon forests.

This is a place for living - with oriental rugs, paneled walls, stained glass windows, and an Elizabethan-style fireplace. There is even the soothing aroma of home cooking wafting through the halls. Man with child

The feeling is human here, not institutional. In fact, The Villa Camillus is more like a gracious private home - an intimate, yet elegant facility where special people receive special care.

A Dedication to the Beauty and Dignity of Life

Although we are not a religious facility, we have dedicated our work to St. Camillus, a saint who devoted his life to treating the sick and aged with respect, humanity and love. This philosophy guides us in everything we do.

We at The Villa Camillus are deeply concerned and involved. We are 24- hour professionals who touch the lives of our residents and have our lives touched in turn.

Our counselors are sensitive listeners who give friendship as well as aide.

Our rehabilitation, recreational and auxiliary services are designed to strengthen the spirit as well as the body - designed to help residents achieve their maximum potential.

This is not a place where life marks time. Here, life expands. As it should.

The Realization of a Dream

For twelve years, we dreamed of building a nursing center without storefront glass doors, stainless steel elevators, obtrusive nurse's station, sterile white hallways or cold tile floors.

We dreamed of an intimate nursing center that would duplicate a true home environment. A small home where residents would feel comfortable, but not confined. Where we would have the best facilities available anywhere yet would never sacrifice one-to-one care to the demands of size.

Today we have our nursing center. The dream is real. The Villa Camillus.

It is the nursing center we built for the people we love - the elderly and infirm. We believe it's the nursing center you'd want for those you love.

We Care For the SKILLED or INTERMEDIATE care resident, or the resident in need of CONVALESCENT and CUSTODIAL care.

The Villa Camillus Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
10515 East River Rd
Columbia Station, Ohio 44028